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For pre-vegans, this website is designed to provide any tools that you may find helpful in exploring a vegan lifestyle. We wanted you to have various categories of information to be able to dig into what appeals to you at this point in your journey.

For vegans, this website is a great resource of information if you are looking to brush up on information that you can use to help pre-vegans on their journey into veganism.

Feel free to pick a category that appeals to you from the menu bar or dive into one of our latest posts below.

Disclaimer: Meat Free Mafia is a fully independent project with no funding from outside sources. Everything is researched and written/produced within the team, unless otherwise noted in regards to guest authors/content providers. Our aim is to provide you reliable information on veganism.

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Veganism Worldview

I wanted to spend some time discussing various aspects of veganism in what I refer to as my veganism worldview. In having a conversation...
United Nations Assembly

Letter to United Nations

As citizens who pay the salaries of our elected officials, we have every right to write...(ahem lol) them about issues that are important to...

Popping Pills – The B12 Dose

The B12 Dilemma When debating with pre-vegans, the mention of B12 is often made as a way to attack the idea of veganism and say...

A Kinder Approach

I definitely understand the different approaches to spreading veganism and I appreciate everyone making an effort to create a better world. If you are...
Religious Veganism

The Sermon on the Count

An argument often used against veganism is that "God put animals here for us to eat" and then a random holy verse is referred...