United Nations LogoAs citizens who pay the salaries of our elected officials, we have every right to write…(ahem lol) them about issues that are important to us. The least they can do is listen to or read what we have to say. With that being said, my ex-girlfriend works for the United Nations and she had asked me to draft a letter to the representatives about veganism, as many of them were vegetarian, but none of them were vegan, except her. There were also many of them who ate meat. She filmed a dinner she went to for part of the United Nations General Assembly in 2017 where a bunch of these people who work for the United Nations had ordered 48 oz steaks, taken two bites and let the rest go to waste. Not something very becoming of an organization who is supposedly centered on bringing more peace to the world.

Below is the letter I drafted to the United Nations on September 19th, 2017, but never got a chance to send until now. Even if it is just your voice alone, it is better than nothing and at least you can say you tried. I refuse to die knowing I did nothing. I hope you feel the same.

“March 14th, 2018


United Nations Headquarters

New York, NY 10017


To Whom It May Concern,

I am a humble citizen of the United States who wants nothing more than to see a broader scope of peace attained in my lifetime. During my short life on this beautiful planet I have witnessed some horrific events and personal tragedies that have opened my eyes to just how important the quest for peace is in this world. We are living in a time of ceaseless tension and terror that leaves the future existence of our world in a state of question. It seems that for every person who suffers a wrong, they want ten others to suffer more as a means of reparation. With this ever-present and popular mentality, we have a situation where everyone believes they are a victim and their neighbor is a terrorist. It is not hard to step back from the madness and look on in disbelief at the casual attitude towards violence and the thirst for vengeance. It is no wonder the manufacturing of firearms and other weapons is a booming business in any economy, whether we are in a bullish market or we are nearing a depression. The mere idea of a stranger belonging to a group that someone does not like is enough for them to feel justified in raising arms against this stranger, despite all that these two human beings might have in common.

To see the physical manifestation of fear in so many of my fellow earthlings is disappointing. It is disappointing because fear is the killer of dreams. It is disappointing because fear ruins lives. The main reason it is disappointing, however, is because fear causes mankind to forget his humanity and justify the taking of another man’s life. We raise armies to obliterate fellow human beings without an ounce of remorse, but no matter how much training they go through, these militant humans still become damaged when they kill these so-called terrorists on the enemy lines. We train these people to block out their brain’s natural empathy and compassion, and instead build up their acceptance of cruelty towards others. Once they have gone to war and killed other living beings, we expect them to assimilate back into society as normal citizens. How ridiculous is this notion? Did you know the human brain is actually coded to feel guilt, compassion, and empathy? Because of this, when humans kill or inflict pain on other living beings, it actually causes psychological discomfort.

Since its inception in 1945, the United Nations has had the central mission of maintaining international peace and security. At a time when there are multiple wars going on throughout the world and threats of domestic and international terrorism abound, peace is a very noble and worthwhile cause to be focused on. While I agree that this is a great ideal to focus on, I am writing you today to tell you that enough is not being done by the United Nations and its current representatives. I hope that everyone who reads this takes the time to truly let it sink in. I am not telling you in a blanket statement that you are not doing enough without telling you how you can do better, but rather pointing out a very specific set of ethics that the United Nations should have adopted since its inception. As mentioned previously, the human brain is coded for compassion and empathy. With that being said, the human brain does not naturally differentiate between human life and other species in this quest to apply compassion; rather the human brain would prefer compassion towards all living beings. I find it unimaginable to conquer the idea of international peace while we still advocate for the mass slaughter, enslavement, and rape of countless other living beings that fall outside of the human experience. When we encourage the digestion of violence no less than three times per day, how can we possibly expect peace to be on anyone’s mind?

If we expect to see peace in our lifetime, we must start with the smallest creatures we interact with and build from there. When a man cannot respect a creature who can have no possible disagreements with him, how can we expect him to treat kindly a stranger who has the ability to voice an opposing view? This is not a brilliant exaggeration of circumstance, but rather common sense for a real world application of peace. I challenge you to look beyond the veil and see what you have been choosing not to see for too long. There is no possible way to attain world peace when we do not treat all life on this planet with the respect it was due when it was brought into this existence. Peace is unattainable as long as animal exploitation exists. It is that simple. There is no reason that the United Nations should not be the single biggest advocates for a vegan way of living. A vegetarian way of life still involves many horrific atrocities towards our fellow earthlings, including the continuous rape of female animals, the stealing of babies from their mothers, and the general lack of empathy towards enslaved living beings. If you think that a vegetarian diet is something to be proud of as an accomplishment, it is akin to the worst team in a tournament receiving consolation trophies. The only thing missing from a vegetarian diet is the mass slaughter, but all of the other tortuous aspects of slavery and oppression still ring just as loud. A world full of peace has no place for animal exploitation. When we accept violence towards the most innocent creatures who we should be protecting, we cannot ever expect anything different in regards to how we treat our fellow man. I write you today to ask you to please become the organization you are supposed to be and fulfill your mission by accepting this truth. As an organization and as individuals, the complete elimination of animal exploitation should start with you. Anything less is just a disappointment.


Yours Respectfully,

Stephen Rykwalder”